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Hurricane Irene Replacement SNAP benefits - DTA Instructions Issued

DTA just released guidance on the process for issuing SNAP replacement benefits due to Hurricane Irene. The guidance identifies the 91 cities and towns for which verification of loss of power or collateral contace of loss is not required. SNAP recipients residing in other cities and towns may also qualify for SNAP misfortune replacement benefits but will need to provide verification and/or DTA will need to do a collateral contact with Red Cross, fire department, police department (or perhaps the utility company?) re the extended loss of power. Remember that DTA can only replace the value of food lost that was purchased with SNAP benefits.

Attached is DTA Operations Memo 2011-44 which includes the "Statement of Loss/Request for Replacement Food due to Household Disaster or Misfortune." This is a self-declaration made under the penalties of perjury. Note, SNAP households have 10 days from the loss of food to file the request for replacement SNAP benefits and another 10 days to provide verification.

As you know from news over the weekend. the President has declared a disaster in Franklin and Berkshire Counties. We do not have confirmation yet if DTA will be able to grant Disaster SNAP benefits and SNAP Supplemental benefits for persons in these counties. We will keep you posted.