Housing Stabilization Notice 2010-02, Guidance on Eligibility Issues Relating to Housing before Homelessness Superceded


Superceded by 2012-05.

This Housing Stabilization Notice explains the concept of "intervening housing" and supplements Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) Field Operations Memorandum (FOM) 2006-04, EA – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding EA Eligibility, Question No. 2, What if instead of an eviction, the legal paper presented was an agreement for judgment? and Question No. 5, What exactly do we mean by feasible alternative housing.

Note from MLRI:  this Notice reflects DHCD's opinion and certain aspects of this Notice may not be legally accurate,e.g. by assuming that a family who is on the lease but has been kicked out by the primary tenant must have name removed from lease before being EA eligible and/or by being overly rigid on what constitutes an intervening housing situation that breaks the chain of causation with a disqualifying reason for homelessness.

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