Hotline Focus 10/05


Q. How do I know if I should make a fraud referral or an overpayment referral?   

A. A fraud referral is submitted only when the recipient intentionally fails to report a change. If the failure to report a change was either unintentional or our agency’s error, then submit the matter as an overpayment referral and calculate the overpayment for each category of assistance. Select either “Unintentional” or “Agency error” for the Overpayment Type on the AR Referral window. Also, remember to complete the Narratives Tab explaining the details of your recipient’s circumstances.   

Q. When I am completing a fraud referral, should I also complete the overpayment section on the AR Referral window?   

A. All BEACON referrals (Fraud, Overpayment, Agency Error, and Aid Paid Pending) are received by the Fraud and Overpayment Referral Screening Unit. (FORS). This unit is referred to as “CEO” on the BEACON windows. It is a unit under Fraud Investigations and Recoveries. FORS may send a referral to the Fraud Investigation Unit (formerly known as the Administrative Disqualification Unit - ADU) or the Bureau of Special Investigation (BSI). The majority of fraud referrals are sent to the Fraud Investigation Unit for an investigation and administrative disqualification hearing.   

Q. Whom can I contact if I have a question about a fraud referral or an Intentional Program Violation (IPV)?   

A. Call the Fraud and Overpayment Referral Screening Unit (FORS) at 617-348-5669 if you want to correct or complete a rejected referral.


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