Hotline 8/14: Verification of medical expenses and Massachusetts residency


Q. 1. On January 30, 2014, a Verification Checklist (VC-1) requesting proofs of my client’s medical expenses was issued with a due date of February 9, 2014. On the VC-1, I listed the request for medical expenses under “Other” in the “Other Information” block on the notice. In March, 2014, the case was denied for failure to provide verifications. As an optional SNAP verification, this case should not have been denied for failure to provide verification of medical expenses. How do I prevent this? 

A. 1. To prevent this, do not list the medical expense verification request under “Other.” BEACON considers “Other” a mandatory verification and will deny the case for “failure to provide.” Instead, list the verification request under Medical Expenses so that BEACON will accurately recognize the verification request as optional and prevent the denial. Please refer to Operations Memo 2012-17: TAFDC, EAEDC and SNAP – Missing Verifications for more information on verifications. Also see the SNAP Medical Deductions Job Aid for more information on how to verify medical expenses.

Q. 2. Is Massachusetts residency a SNAP verification requirement for DTA clients?

A. 2. Yes. According to 106 CMR 362.100, there is a Massachusetts residency requirement that must be verified. When available, the same documents used to verify rent, mortgage payments, utilities or identity should also be used to verify residency. If any of these documents do not verify residency, other documents or collateral contacts that reasonably establish the applicant’s residency may be used. No requirement for a specific type of verification can be imposed. See 106 CMR 362.120 for more details.


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