Hotline 11/12: timeliness, EAEDC, TAFDC


From the Hotline

If you have any questions on this column or on other policy and procedural material, please have your
Hotline designee call the Policy Hotline at 617-348-8478. At the request of Field Operations, this
month’s From the Hotline includes a user-friendly chart of policy guidelines concerning timeliness standards for
case maintenance activities in the TAFDC and EAEDC programs.

Activity 106 CMR: Rule
Child Care Referral 207.210(A) While waiting to begin activity, start referral 2 weeks prior to client's participation. For activities extending beyond 6 months, must complete referral before beginning of 7th month. See FYI, Transitions, May 2012.
Copies from case record and
client access to case record
702.410, and
Unless otherwise prohibited for privacy
reasons, access and/or copies must be made ASAP, but in no case later than 20 days from receipt of client request. See Operations Memo 2010-50 on client confidentiality rules.
Remove AU member 701.420 Client required to report change within 10
calendar days of change. Implement change ASAP once reported.
Replace EBT Card 701.450 ASAP, no later than 5 calendar days via mail or 2 business days if request made in person, per Operations Memo 2011-9.
Issue MassHealth Card 702.125(F),
Within one working day from client request. No DTA written notice required for request.
Increase in grant (includes adding AU
No later than 19 calendar days from client
request. (Client has 10 calendar days in
which to provide verifications.)*
Replacement of Lost and Stolen Checks 701.530,
706.510 and
Twelve calendar days from day of client
request to check issuance on uncashed
check; 26 calendar days from day of client
request to check issuance on cashed checks.
TAFDC Related Services: funeral/final
disposition (705.700), infant benefits
(705.600), relocation (705.350), medical
transportation (705.150)
701.530 No later than 45 calendar days from client
request. (Client has 26 calendar days in
which to provide verifications.)*
Transfer Cases (includes change of address) 701.530 and
No later than 14 calendar days from client
request. (Client has 8 calendar days, if
verification necessary.)* See Operations
Memo 2012-39.

*Per 106 CMR 701.510, the allowable time period for providing benefits to eligible clients is extended by the
number of days, if any, that a client is late in providing verification. Per 701.520, when a client is late in
providing required verifications, but does so within 30 days of notification (or 45 days for TAFDC-Related
Services), the request must be processed. If timely and adequate notice has been given, and verification has
not been provided by the end of 30 days (or 45 days for TAFDC-Related Services) after it was requested, or
if verification provided shows that the client is ineligible, the benefit must be denied.

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