Hotline 10/11: citizenship verification, noncitizen, LPR,


Q. When do I request verification of U.S. citizenship?

A. Verification of citizenship is required for SNAP and TAFDC clients only when the information is
questionable. For more information, see 106 CMR 362.210 in SNAP and 106 CMR 203.670 in the
TAFDC Program.

Also, please remember that verification of citizenship may be proven with documents already in the
case record proving other eligibility factors. For example, a birth certificate or passport for identity
or age verification may also indicate U.S. citizenship. For more information, see Operations Memo

Q. A noncitizen came into our TAO today applying for SNAP benefits. He is currently a Legal
Permanent Resident (LPR), but when he entered this country on March 13, 2009, he was originally
paroled for one year. I realize that this applicant is currently an ineligible noncitizen and that he must
reside in the U.S. as a qualified noncitizen for five years before he can be considered eligible for
SNAP, but when does the five-year period start for this individual?

A. The five-year period for this SNAP applicant started on March 13, 2009 because this is the date that
he first became a qualified noncitizen. For more information, see 106 CMR 362.220(B).

Q. A TAFDC applicant has only had LPR status for one year. Does this mean he is ineligible?

A. It depends. When a TAFDC applicant or client has insufficient years of LPR status, remember to
determine whether there is another status type that may be acceptable. For example, an applicant
with LPR status may have first entered the U.S. as a refugee which would entitle him or her to
TAFDC and SNAP benefits, if otherwise eligible. For more information on acceptable noncitizen
status in the TAFDC Program, refer to 106 CMR 203.675(A). For more information on acceptable
noncitizen status in SNAP, refer to 106 CMR 362.220.

Also, remember that EAEDC clients with LPR status are not subject to a waiting period before
becoming eligible. See 106 CMR 320.620(A) for more information.

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