Hotline 09/11: annual reporting, child care referral, transportation reimbursement


Q. My SNAP client has been on Annual Reporting for the past few years. Today she called the TAO and reported that her two sons had moved out of her house. Should I indicate this change on BEACON?
A. Yes. The action to remove a dependent for nonfinancial reasons may be completed on BEACON at any time during this client’s 12-month Annual Reporting period. In this particular client’s situation, the reported change will only affect her SNAP benefit level if:

  • the total gross income from any remaining household members exceeds the new household eligibility income limit, thereby closing the case; or
  • the calculation results in a benefit increase. When the calculation results in an increase, the information used in the calculation is released and the increased benefit amount is paid to the client.

Q. My SNAP client is on Annual Reporting as a single individual. He is moving to Texas and wants his case closed. As a one-person Annual Reporting household, can I close this entire case?
A. Yes, you must close this case. An Annual Reporting household may be closed for a nonfinancial reason at any time during the 12-month AR period.

Q. My SNAP client is currently unemployed and receives a small, monthly pension. Recently, she asked about deducting dependent care expenses from her unearned income because she is incurring these expenses while looking and interviewing for jobs. She is a single grandparent with a one-year-old grandson. Can I deduct this expense from her income?
A. Yes. Dependent care expenses are an acceptable deduction in SNAP for earned as well as unearned income. The costs associated with the care of this grandchild may be deducted so that your client may accept or continue employment. See 106 CMR 364.400(D) for more information.

Q. My TAFDC client is not work program required, but is requesting a child care referral so that he can look for work. Can I make this referral?
A. Yes. As long as this grantee has an approved EDP and appropriately completes his ESP Participation and Attendance Record, ESP-7, the child care referral should be approved. See 106 CMR 207.210(A) for more information on approving child care referrals.

Q. My TAFDC client is engaged in self-directed Job Search/Job Readiness. She does this at the local career center. Can I authorize a transportation reimbursement?
A. Yes, clients with an approved EDP, who are in a self-directed Job Search/Job Readiness component and have an appropriately completed ESP Participation and Attendance Record, ESP-7, may be eligible for transportation reimbursement. See 106 CMR 207.210(B) for more information.

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