Hotline 05/11: family cap,student, TAFDC


Q. Our TAO has received an application on behalf of a TAFDC household consisting of two family cap
daughters, and an 18-year-old son. Are there any dependent children in this home?

A. Yes, there are three dependents in this household. The 18-year-old remains eligible as long as he:
• remains a full-time student in school not beyond the secondary level or in an equivalent vocational
or technical training program leading to employment; and
• is expected to graduate high school or complete his studies in an equivalent vocational or technical
program before his 19th birthday.

For more information on 18-year-old dependents and their eligibility requirements, refer to
106 CMR 203.575.

The family cap children are also dependents and are entitled to MassHealth and SNAP benefits, if
otherwise eligible. For more information on family cap policy, refer to 106 CMR 203.300.

Q. When a TAFDC case is a household of two married parents and two family cap children, which
individuals are included in the assistance unit to receive the TAFDC grant?

A. In this situation, both parents would be TAFDC recipients included in the assistance unit, if otherwise

If the parents are not married and there is no relationship between the children, then each parent and
their respective child would have their own case. For more information on relationship requirements,
refer to 106 CMR 203.585.

Q. A mother receiving TAFDC has a daughter who is not attending high school. The daughter is 17 years
old and is currently not in any other school or training program. Does the TAFDC Program require
school attendance for this teen?

A. No. High school attendance is a priority, but it is not a TAFDC requirement for dependents ages 16 to
18. For more information on dependent children in this age group, refer to 106 CMR 203.570.

A TAFDC dependent between the ages of 16 and 18 who is not attending school is required to
participate in an appropriate ESP activity, if one is available. Otherwise, determine whether good cause
exists, per 106 CMR 701.380. Since certain ESP programs may have time-limited or cyclical activity,
remember to keep up-to-date on which programs currently offer services within your geographic area.


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