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Hotline 02/11: montgomery GI bill, SCSEP, stepparent, relationship, TAFDC


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Q. My TAFDC applicant says he is receiving payments from the Montgomery GI Bill Program. This Program provides veterans with up to 36 months of payments to cover education costs. Is this income excluded for TAFDC and SNAP?

A. Yes, this income is excluded for both TAFDC and SNAP purposes. Since these payments are not intended for day-to-day living costs, do not duplicate assistance received under TAFDC and are used solely for education or education-related purposes, they are noncountable in the TAFDC Program. For more information on noncountable income, refer to 106 CMR 204.250(J) and 106 204.250(CC).

Montgomery GI Bill payments are excluded for SNAP as well. For more information on income exclusions in SNAP, refer to 106 CMR 363.230(D).

Q. My SNAP client is over 65 and has reported earnings received from the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Is this countable earned income excluded?

A. Yes. This program is designed to enhance employment opportunities for seniors by providing job training and employment assistance. Any income received under this program is excluded because it is authorized under Title V of the Older Americans Act. For more information on income exclusions in SNAP, refer to 106 CMR 363.230(K).

Q. I received a TAFDC application today from a stepfather who is applying for one child. He is recently divorced from his former spouse who is the mother of the dependent child. Now that this stepfather is divorced from the dependent child’s mother, is there still an acceptable TAFDC relationship in this case?

A. Yes. Even though there is no blood relationship between the stepfather and this child and despite the recent divorce, the stepparent bond continues and this relationship is considered acceptable according to TAFDC regulations. For more information on relationship requirements and verifying relationship in the TAFDC Program, refer to 106 CMR 203.585.

Q. I received an application today for TAFDC. The individual was a step-grandfather applying for himself and his stepdaughter’s son. Is he eligible for TAFDC?

A. Yes, he is eligible if he is the spouse of the dependent child’s grandmother. For more information on relationship requirements and verifying relationship requirements in TAFDC, refer to 106 CMR 203.585.

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