Health Equity Policy Framework

MA Public Health Association

From the author:

MPHA’s newly revised Health Equity Policy Framework, which guides our staff, Board, and Policy Council and helps us keep health equity and dismantling structural racism at the core of our policy work.

Although many nonprofit organizations are committed to the principles of racial equity, innumerable obstacles and pitfalls often impede real progress. That’s why we are so excited about this framework, which provides a clear, detailed roadmap for living our values.  

Our hope is that this framework can serve as a model for other organizations who share our deep commitment to racial justice. As a result, we welcome questions about our process and encourage you to challenge our assumptions. 

Racial justice cannot be achieved through statements alone. It takes hard work, creativity, and tenacity to integrate the principles of racial equity into our day-to-day decision making. But this difficult work is both essential and irreplaceable. Without it, we cannot make real change.