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Health Coverage for Ukrainians

MassHealth & Health Connector ; MLRI

Attached is an email communication from MassHealth and the Health Connector on May 3,  2022 about health coverage available to Ukrainians now living in Massachusetts and an April 6, 2022 email communication with information on different subjects including eligibility of people with valid nonimmigrant visa who may be eligible based on lawful presence. It also says even people with expired nonimmigrant visas may be considered PRUCOL if  it's clear that DHS is not contemplating removal and gives people from the Ukraine as an example. Bottom line, pretty much everyone unable to return to the Ukraine due to the war, and who has limited financial means, should be eligible for some form of comprehensive coverage.  Also attached is a Fact Sheet prepared by MLRI with more information.


May 12, 2022 Update: It hasn’t yet been enacted, but an emergency appropriation bill for the situation in the Ukraine that passed the U.S. House yesterday provides that Ukrainians with humanitarian parole will be eligible for the same benefits as refugees.

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