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Health Connector Open Enrollment 2021

Massachusetts' Open Enrollment period for 2021 coverage began on November 1, 2020 and will continue through January 23, 2021. 
Anybody who wants to enroll in 2021 coverage through the Health Connector (or to purchase an individual plan directly from an insurance company) can use this open enrollment period to apply for, or renew or make changes to their coverage. Once this open enrollment period is over, applicants and members will need to first qualify for a special enrollment period before they can apply for or make changes to their coverage. 
MLRI's table of upper income limits for 2021 ConnectorCare eligibility can be found here, on page 2. Some people who this open enrollment period can be particularly useful for are:
  • Applicants who were previously found to be eligible for ConnectorCare but did not enroll in time and didn't qualify for a special enrollment period needed to enroll in 2020 coverage, 
  • ConnectorCare members who want to change their plan because their old plan is no longer available where they live, or no longer the lowest-cost plan. 
Beware that members who do not select a different plan during this open enrollment period will be re-enrolled into their current plan (if it is still available to the member). Because the plans change year-to-year, the member's current plan may no longer be the cheapest or otherwise most appropriate for their needs in 2021. Members and applicants can view the Health Connector's and ConnectorCare's plan shopping guides and plan comparison tool here. 
Health Connector and ConnectorCare plan enrollment will not be complete until the applicant/member selects a plan and, if they are charged a premium, has paid the first month's premium.  Anyone seeking coverage for January 1, 2021 must enroll in and pay for coverage by December 23, 2020. 
People seeking coverage for December 1, 2020 have until November 23, 2020 to select a plan and pay the first month's premium (if any is due). The 2019 Federal Poverty Levels still apply to eligibility for 2020.