Guidelines On Abuse Prevention Proceedings

Rebecca Cazabon, Esq.

Guidelines On Abuse Prevention Proceedings: Navigating Rough Seas

  • Article written by Rebecca Cazabon, Pro Bono Managing Attorney at Foley Hoag LLP.
  • Explains how the Guidelines for Judical Practice can be utilized as an effective resource in navigating complex issues that can develop in abuse prevention hearings.
  • Provides examples of how the Guidelines are also regularly applied by courts to support and refine their understandings of domestic violence law.
  • 2011 Guidelines incorporate diverse issues such as:
    • recent transformations in social media
    • a practical appellate-court-case-compiled analysis of what a plaintiff must show to extend a 209A protective order.
  • Guidelines for Judicial Practice: Abuse Prevention Proceeding. Last updated in September 2011. 


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