A Guide for Relative Caregivers in Suffolk and Middlesex Counties

Government and Family Seminar, Tufts University

A comprehensive overview of different types of kinship (or relative) caregiver relationships, including Informal Relative Caregivers, Foster Care Relative Caregivers, Legal Guardians and Adoptive Parents.  The guide is intended to help caregivers decide what type of relationship is best for their particular circumstance, describes the legal process for each type of caregiver, and outlines additional resources that might be available for the caregivers and children.  The guide also includes sample forms.  It is intended for use in the Greater Boston area (Suffolk and Middlesex counties) but the general information provided may be helpful for those living in other parts of Massachusetts as well. 

(The Guide was prepared by students in the Government and Family Seminar, Tufts University, with assistance from the Massachusetts  Probate and Family Court, the Office of the Child Advocate and the Volunteer Lawyers Project.)