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Guide for Domestic Workers and their Employers

Brazilian Immigrant Center: Domestic Worker Law and Policy Clinic and Northeastern University School of Law

From the introduction to the manual:


This manual’s purpose is to educate domestic workers and their employers in Massachusetts about their legal rights and obligations. Domestic workers are often unaware of their workplace rights; similarly, many employers of domestic workers are unaware of both their rights and responsibilities under the law.   This manual provides information to help domestic workers and their employers achieve positive and successful workplace relationships in compliance with applicable laws.

Whom This Manual Is For


This manual is for any person in Massachusetts who performs domestic work or who employs domestic workers. Domestic work is work that is performed in or for a household. The most common types of domestic workers are nannies (and others providing in-home childcare); house cleaners; cooks; and workers who provide in-home care to the ill, disabled and elderly. A domestic employer is any person who employs another to perform work in his or her home, or for his or her household. Exceptions to these definitions of domestic workers – most notably independent contractors, such as plumbers and electricians – are explained later in the manual."

Posted with the permission of the Brazilian Immigrant Center.

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