Gov Healey seeks extra funding to reduce loss of SNAP and address skimming; upcoming SNAP deductions training

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Maura Healey released a FY23 “Supplemental Budget” to address a number of fiscal crises in the Commonwealth including the growing need for emergency shelter for new arrivals and funding to continue universal school meals for the rest of the 22/23 school years. Her FY23 Supplemental Budget also includes funding for SNAP:

  • $2 million to replace SNAP benefits stolen as a result of “skimming” that happened before October 1 2022..

  • $130 million for 3 months of partial extra SNAP benefits after the federal extra SNAP Covid benefits end (last payment is March 2nd). The 3 months would be 40% of the current extra COVID SNAP payments. 


Here’s MLRI’s press release profusely thanking the Governor for stepping up to the plate and addressing these critical food security issues. 


ACTION STEPS: Please help get the FY23 Supp passed quickly! :


  • Contact your Rep and State Senator urging them to support and act quickly on approving Governor Healey’s FY23 Supplemental Budget

  • Help us track stories of what may happen to SNAP households who are scheduled to lose their SNAP extra benefits after March 2nd. Fill out our form here.

Reminder:  “SNAP Deductions 101” Training - Tues Feb 7th (10-11:30 AM) 

Brief reminder of our “refresher” training for individuals and organizations on the SNAP math and income deductions. If the Governor’s Supplemental Budget passes, that will provide only 3 months of extra SNAP at a reduced level. About 60% of MA SNAP households don’t get the max SNAP amount and may benefit from claiming deductions! 


This free Feb 7th training is to review the SNAP math deductions and give community organizations simple, actionable information to help households maximize their SNAP if not receiving the maximum regular SNAP benefits.Click here to register and receive the Zoom link. 


And don’t forget DTA’s Tool Kit on the end of the Federal Extra Covid SNAP benefits, with extensive resources.


SNAP Gross Income Threshold Increase for February 1st

As folks may know, the federal poverty level increased in January. DTA has adjusted the SNAP 200%  gross income test accordingly. MLRI is updating our SNAP Calculators as well as our At a Glance Charts and other materials. But just so you have it - click here for DTA’s Online Guide notice and here for the new 200% federal poverty level numbers for SNAP. These numbers are effective February 1, 2023.