Give Them Shelter: The Crisis for Homeless Children in Massachusetts


From MLRI's website:

"Effective August 6, 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) implemented new regulations that deny the vast majority of homeless families with children access to emergency shelter through the Emergency Assistance program. Public hearings on the new regulations were held by DHCD with packed audiences Oct. 22 in Springfield and Oct. 25 at the State House in Boston. Homeless families, legislators, legal services advocates from programs across the state, medical doctors and nurses, domestic violence advocates, social workers, and many others provided compelling and powerful testimony that focused on the need to preserve the emergency shelter safety net to protect homeless families and children. In addition, seventy organizations around the Commonwealth signed a letter urging Governor Patrick, Senate and House leadership to modify the new regulations and restore access to emergency shelter for vulnerable children at 'imminent risk of staying in places not meant for human habitation.' "

Click the "Go to Website" link below to watch a video prepared by MLRI about the issue, including testimony from the hearings.  For more information, visit MLRI's website,