Getting "BEACON" Problems Fixed



BEACON is the new computer system at DTA. This flyer explains how to fix "BEACON problems."

Have Your Benefits Stopped? Did DTA tell you the problem is the Beacon computer system? DTA workers can get BEACON computer problems fixed

How do they fix BEACON problems?

1. The DTA worker talks to his or her "BEACON Implementation Manager."  This is the person at the local DTA office who is supposed to fix BEACON problems.

2.  If the Beacon Implementation Manager can not fix the problem right away, he or she must call or email someone in DTA's Central Office.

3. When the worker or manager reports the problem, they get a “ticket” number (like a claim number) to keep track of the problem while it is getting fixed. 

What if you need the benefits right away?

1. If the computer problem is making your benefits late, ask your DTA worker to call DTA Central to let them know this. Ask your worker to check on the ticket number to see what is being done to fix the problem.

2. If you don't get your benefits, call Legal Services right away.NO ONE should go without benefits because of BEACON!