FYI: June 2012 - Case Transfer Functionality Change



Case Transfer Functionality Change

Currently when cases are transferred from intake to ongoing, all cases both pending and active within the
alphabetical split being transferred are transferred at the same time. This creates additional work for TAO
staff who must transfer back any pending cases that were transferred incorrectly. Effective with BEACON
build 44.8, TAO staff will be able to transfer only those cases within the alphabetical split they wish to
transfer to appropriate staff, leaving pending cases with the appropriate intake case manager.

MBTA Fare Increases

MBTA fares are increasing effective July 1, 2012. The MBTA fare values and passes in BEACON are being
adjusted to reflect that change. Some clients may think they will receive an increase in the amount of their
transportation payments due to the fare increases. Case managers are reminded that the maximum limit for
transportation payments remains $40 monthly. If contacted by clients regarding the fare increases, case
managers should explain that even though the MBTA fares have increased, the ESP transportation benefit has
not changed.

Participation and Attendance Form Data Entry Online Guide

Participation and Attendance forms are sent to clients the first business day of the week (Monday unless
Monday is a holiday) before the last Saturday of the month. These forms must be returned by the client no
later than the 10th of the following month (or the first business day after the 10th of the month if the 10th is a
weekend or holiday). Case managers must enter the forms on the Monitor Participation page no later than the
18th of that month (or the first business day after the 18th of the month if the 18th is a weekend or holiday) to
prevent a participation sanction from being created. Case managers may enter the prior participation
month’s returned Participation and Attendance forms up until the Friday before the last Saturday of the current

A Participation and Attendance Form (listing the last day of the month that Participation and Attendance forms
may be entered on the Monitor Participation page for the previous month’s participation) will be added to
Policy Online in the Online Guides option in late June.

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