FYI: Expiring IPV Disqualifications


Individuals nearing the end of an Intentional Program Viola- tion (IPV) disqualification period are listed in the BEACON view “Assessed Person Potential Changes” under the dropdown menu heading “Clients in Active AUs with Expiring IPV End Dates.” Households containing disqualified individuals receive a notice before the disqualifica- tion period ends telling them to contact their worker to schedule an appointment for a re-evaluation of benefits. However, AU Managers must follow up on the view to determine if reinstatement is appro- priate or if any changes occurred during the disqualification period that may affect continued eligibility.

AU Managers must conduct a reevaluation for TAFDC or EAEDC AUs with an expiring disqualification period, so that TAFDC or EAEDC and PA Food Stamp benefits for disqualified individuals may be reinstated, if appropriate. NPA Food Stamp AUs must be reviewed before reinstatement. If appropriate, conduct a re-evaluation and recertify the NPA Food Stamp case.

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