FYI April 2013: Clarification of Relocation Benefit Payments


When authorizing a Relocation Benefit payment(s) to a vendor(s) on behalf of a client, case managers are reminded to only accept a “Sold To” billing invoice when the billing invoice identifies the client as the customer. The “Sold To” billing invoice verifies that the client has incurred or will incur an expense which may qualify for a relocation benefit payment. Additionally, the case manager must ensure that the billing invoice submitted reflects the vendor that is actually providing the goods or service, and not a third party, such as a Housing Consumer Education Center.

Once an acceptable billing invoice and a properly completed Relocation Benefit Verification form are submitted to the TAO, an Invoice for Special Services (SSPS) can be issued to the vendor. Please see Operations Memo 2012-19 for current procedures regarding Relocation Benefit payments.

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