Flexible Funds & Housing Stabilization Programs - EA Funded Master Agreement With Providers

DHCD Division of Housing Stabilization

EA funds are being used to help defray the costs of homeless families in shelter obtaining new housing -- through the Flexible Funds Program (formerly known as Toolbox) and the Housing Stabilization Program (formerly known as Shelter to Housing) -- and for a Shelter Diversion Pilot to prevent the need for a family to go into shelter in the first place. Alll three programs are described in this document.

The Flexible Funds Program can cover first and last month's rent, some moving expenses, a security deposit, furniture (limited to 3 beds), transportation out of state, and utility arrearages up to a maximum of $2,000 per family.

The Housing Stabilization Program is only for families who were in shelter prior to 8/1/09. It will pay rent in a market rate unit for 12 months. The monthly rent must be no more than 80% of the Fair Market Rent in the area and families must pay 25% of their income toward the rent. This program will also pay some moving expenses, a security deposition and furniture (limited to 3 beds).

EA funds are also being used for  Shelter Diversion Pilot. Under this program, families can get transportation to out of state locations and/or a maximum of 3 months of rental assistance.

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