Flex Fund Recipients Entitled to Six Month Extensions


The e-mail below was sent out to all EA shelter and Flexible Funds providers on October 28, 2010 from DHCD's Acting Contract Manager Director for the Division of Housing Stabilization. The e-mail informs providers that all families with EA-funded temporary subsidies are entitled to extensions of those subsidies until DHS puts in place policies and procedures for families to apply for extensions of their subsidies and appeal any denials of extensions to DHCD hearing officers. If a landlord is unwilling to retain a family as a tenant, the family will be allowed to return to EA shelter so long as they have substantially complied with their Stabilization Plan.

From: Cohen, Carl (OCD)
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2010 12:23 PM

Please read this important message and share it with all appropriate staff:

Since August of 2009, the Division of Housing Stabilization (DHS) has been pleased to work with our Emergency Assistance (EA) Providers to assist families moving into housing through the Flexible Funds Housing Stabilization Pilot. Your FY11 contracts give each Provider direct access to Flex Funds and present an opportunity to house families who are motivated to continue to work with their Provider while in housing. Clients agree to receive case management services to assist them to meet the goals of their stabilization plan.

While we have re-housed approximately 1,500 families through the Flexible Funds Pilot during FY11, some of these households may need continued assistance to remain stable in housing at the conclusion of their initial 12-month lease. DHS has instituted six-month extensions for these families.

The purpose of this email is to confirm guidance that has been communicated through your Contract Manager regarding Flex Funds extensions. DHS interim guidance is that all families that need and apply for 6-month extensions are eligible to receive extensions beginning on the first day following the last date of their initial 12-month lease. Clients receiving extensions will be notified in writing of any finding of substantial noncompliance issued by a Provider prior to the extension, which may be used in a subsequent hearing after the adoption of the Case Review and Termination Procedures.

DHS is asking that providers give all families at least 60 days' notice that they have not been in substantial compliance with their stabilization plans before terminating from Flex Funds. Providers will have to give these families extensions, so long as the landlord is willing to continue the tenancy, until the Case Review and Termination Procedures are in place. If this is not possible, families will be eligible to apply to re-enter shelter if they have been in substantial compliance with their stabilization plans.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact your Contract Manager. Thank you for your continued support of the Flexible Funds Pilot.