Field Ops Memo 2011-03: TAO Reception Log (e-Log)


Overview A new tool has been developed for use in the TAOs to better organize the flow of clients who visit the office, to improve customer service, to gain a better understanding of why individuals visit the TAOs and to allow DTA to better distribute resources to assist those individuals. This tool is called the TAO Reception Log (hereafter referred to as the e-Log).

The e-Log is essentially a data base that allows users access based upon specific security roles assigned. Each security role determines which screens the user is able to access. Security roles are associated with job title and are as follows:

  • Case Manager;
  • Receptionist;
  • Clerk;
  • Supervisor; and
  • Manager

To access the e-Log, the user can either double click the e-Log desktop icon or single click the e-Log task bar icon. Once the logon is complete, the e-Log will identify the user as active. The e-Log interacts with each user’s Outlook account; therefore it is imperative that all users, once logged on to their PC, also log on to Outlook.

Purpose of Memo
This Operations Memo will provide instructions on how to:

  • prepare users to access the e-Log database;
  • register an existing client into the e-Log database;
  • add a new applicant into the e-Log database; and
  • access the Job Aids to support the implementation of the e-Log database
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