Field Ops Memo 2010-32: TAFDC and EAEDC: Disability Evaluation Services (DES) Psychological Consultative Examinations in the Wor


Field Operations Memo 2009-44 informed TAO staff about a new service offered by the Disability Evaluation Services (DES) which allowed certain network doctors to conduct consultative examinations (CEs) in TAOs for TAFDC and EAEDC clients who claim a mental health disability. Clients for whom a CE appointment in the TAO is more convenient than travel to the doctor’s office or medical facility may choose to avail themselves of the service. Currently, this service is available in the Dudley Square and Springfield Liberty TAOs.

Purpose of Memo
This Field Operations Memo informs TAO staff that beginning August 11, 2010, the service will also be available in the Worcester TAO.

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