Field Ops Memo 2010-19: TAFDC and SNAP: Elimination of the Eligibility Time Limit for Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants


Field Operations Memo 2009-36 advised TAO staff about Federal legislation that allowed Iraqi and Afghan noncitizens with special immigrant status eligibility for certain public assistance programs, including TAFDC and SNAP, for a period not to exceed eight months from the date the individual was granted special immigrant status.

New Federal legislation, entitled the Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 2010, enacted on December 19, 2009, allows Iraqi and Afghan special immigrants eligibility for Federal public assistance programs to the same extent and for the same time period as refugees. This law replaces prior laws regarding eligibility duration.

Refugees are eligible for TAFDC and SNAP without a time limit, provided all other TAFDC and SNAP eligibility requirements are met.

Purpose Of Memo
This Field Operations Memo:

  • informs TAO staff that Iraqi and Afghan noncitizens with special immigrant status must now be treated as refugees;
  • informs TAO staff about the elimination of the eligibility time limit for Iraqi and Afghan noncitizens with special immigrant status;
  • provides acceptable verifications to prove immigration status and date of entry for Iraqi and Afghan special immigrants; and
  • provides instructions for implementing the eligibility duration change
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