Field Ops Memo 2010-02: ARRA $25 Weekly Unemployment Compensation Benefit Noncountable for SNAP


A new law enacted on November 6, 2009 changes the treatment of the $25 weekly ARRA unemployment compensation (UC) payment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The $25 weekly UC payment is now excluded from the calculation of income and resources. However, the payment remains countable in both the TAFDC and EAEDC cash programs.

Purpose of Memo
This memo:

  • advises TAO staff of BEACON changes to the SNAP calculation to facilitate the implementation of the new law;
  • issues procedures for entering unemployment compensation benefits on BEACON;
  • advises staff about the recalculation of PA and NPA SNAP cases impacted by the new law:
    • active cases;
    • categorically eligible cases, formerly active at zero benefits; and
    • closed cases.
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