Field Ops Memo 2009-68: TAFDC – Community Service Site Clean-up Project


In September 2009, a report was generated from BEACON identifying all Community Service Sites that had been inactive for the previous 12 months. Local Office Quality Control (LOQC) reviewed the report and found that the majority of the sites listed had no contact information or outdated information.

This Field Operations Memo:
• explains the contact method LOQC used to reach the community service sites; and
• details follow-up action for updating these community service sites by Central Office staff.

No case manager action is needed to update the community service sites on BEACON.

This Field Operations Memo obsoletes Field Operations Memo 2006-56.

(Note that the Field Operations Memo references Attachment B, a list of all active Community Service sites by TAO.  This attachment was not attached to the Field Operations memo.  However, we have attached an excel spreadsheet that was obtained from DTA which puports to be the list referenced in the Field Operations memo.

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