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Field Ops Memo 2009-60: Fall 2009 SNAP Heat and Eat (H-EAT) Program Update


DTA, in collaboration with the Department of Housing and Community Development, provides H-EAT benefits to eligible SNAP households each year. The newly selected households will receive a significant increase in their SNAP benefit amount based on receipt of the H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program. On the evening of October 23, approximately 44,000 SNAP households were selected for 2009 H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program benefits.

Of these households:

  • Approximately 25,000 are households who received the November 2008 H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program benefit. These households are eligible for a 2009 $1.00 H-EAT benefit. However, they will not see an increase in SNAP benefits because the Heating/Cooling Standard Utility Allowance (SUA) is already on file.
  • Approximately 18,900 are newly eligible H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program households. For these households, November 2009 SNAP benefits will be recalculated using the Heating/Cooling SUA as anticipated recipients of the H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program.

DHCD will enroll all households in the 2009 H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program and make a $1.00 H-EAT fuel assistance benefit available.

This memo will review H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program criteria, explain the responsibilities of DTA and DHCD, discuss notices to H-EAT clients, provide instructions for restoring lost SNAP benefits to H-EAT households and describe the DHCD client brochure.

There will be minimal case manager impact since the H-EAT Fuel Assistance Program enrollment and SNAP recalculation processes are fully automated.

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