Field Ops Memo 2009-54: TAFDC and SNAP – DTA Youth Works/Summer Employment Follow-up Procedures (TAFDC, SNAP)

Field Operations Memo 2009-27 told DTA staff that the Department had developed the DTA Youth Works program to help clients (both dependents and grantees) ages 14 through 24 obtain summer jobs. The income from the DTA Youth Works program was noncountable for cash and SNAP. Income from ARRA-funded jobs was also noncountable, but for SNAP purposes only. Additionally, all summer jobs (taking place from May 1 through September 30) were noncountable income for cash assistance for clients age 14 through 24. Purpose of Memo This Field Operations memo provides TAO staff with: • information about a mailing to these clients regarding how income will be treated after September 30th; and • follow-up procedures for processing cases when the summer job continues beyond September 30th
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