Field Ops Memo 2009-51: TAFDC -- Competitive Integrated Employment Services (CIES) Procurement: Vendors

The Competitive Integrated Employment Services (CIES) procurement is an EOHHS Secretariat-wide initiative from which participating agencies (including DTA) purchase an array of services to support clients in obtaining work and reaching self-sufficiency. Under the CIES procurement process, vendor contracts began August 1, 2009. Field Operations Memo 2009-45 informed TAO staff about changes to ESP activities as a result of the CIES procurement process and explained which clients were best served by the new activities. Purpose of Memo This Field Operations Memo informs TAO staff about the vendors who were awarded contracts through the CIES procurement process and the number of available slots for each vendor in the specific component/activity. This information is also available on the intranet at DTA Online. Click on “Resource Inventories” and click on “Employment Services Program (ESP).” Note: Vendors for the following activities/programs have not changed: High School and GED programs (including the Young Parents Program), Community Colleges, Community Service, Child Care and Transportation.
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