Field Ops Memo 2009-35A: TAFDC Non-ESP Funded Activities & Jewish Vocational Services Vocational Education Programs Referrals


Case managers should continue to refer TAFDC clients to non-CIES procurement related activities to assist them meeting the work program requirement during the month of July. These activities include: community colleges (for ESP-funded skills training or other programs), approved non- ESP-funded skills training programs, Office for Refugee and Immigrants (ORI) programs, self-directed job search/job readiness, community service or YPP activities. JVS continues to offer non-ESP-funded programs in Dudley Square, Newmarket Square and Revere. 

To enroll a client in any approved non-ESP funded activity to meet his or her work program requirement (or to cure a work program requirement sanction), case managers must go to the “Resource Search” window and select the component and activity the client chose to meet his or her work program requirement.

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