Field Ops Memo 2008-28: Food Stamp Disability Verification for Elderly Noncitizens Receiving EAEDC


There are about 2,000 EAEDC noncitizen elders who are not getting food stamps because of the federal 5-year bar. These elders can now qualify for food stamps if a doctor verifies that the individual has a severe mental or physical impairment that will last 12 months or result in death and prevents substantial gainful activity in light of the person's age, education, and work experience. Initially, DTA will give EAEDC elders the form at application, redetermination and other times when the person is in the office. Eventually, DTA will do outreach to these clients.
Even if an elder is not scheduled for any contact with the local office, they can bring in the completed form (or fax it to the worker)and ask to apply for Food Stamps.

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