Field Ops Memo 2007-32: Virtual Gateway Enhancements and the Elimination of the Signature Page for Food Stamp Applications


Field Operations Memo 2007-32 annouces a change in the Virtual Gateway applications allowing electronic signatures. FS households that complete a full Virtual Gateway application through either a health care or community provider, or who apply directly through the public Gateway access in the Fall River area will be allowed to "sign" the application electronically after they have filled it out and read the statemetn of their rights, responsibilityties and penalty/warnings. The FS applicant will NOT need to hand sign a separate form, known as the "blue form" or send in any additional signature. Note - the Field Ops Memo says that households who only file a request for assistance (with just the name, address and date) will be required to hand sign the paper application.nces electronic signatures for Virtual Gateway

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