Field Op 2004-34: TAFDC and Food Stamp Processing Guidelines for Noncitizen Applications


DTA Overview: 

Consistent with the Agency’s mission to serve all clients with dignity and 
respect, the Department of Transitional Assistance reviewed its procedures for 
processing TAFDC and FS applications, particularly applications from 
households with noncitizens. 

Many noncitizens find government agencies intimidating for cultural reasons and 
fear that an application for benefits could have an adverse effect on them and 
their family members due to their immigration status. TAO staff are reminded to 
be sensitive and responsive to all applicants, including noncitizens. As part of 
this awareness, the Department issued State Letter 1278 which requires that 
TAO staff not ask questions related to: 

• Immigration status, if an applicant indicates a reluctance to disclose 
immigration status information for any household member(s); and/or 

• Social Security Number (SSN), if an applicant indicates a reluctance to 
disclose SSN due to immigration status for any household member(s). 

This Field Operations Memo provides guidelines for processing TAFDC and/or 
FS applications containing a noncitizen(s) who is not applying for benefits in 
accordance with State Letter 1278

Note:  The DTA Brochure "What Noncitizens Need to Know" attached to this memo was updated in 2010.  See: /content/noncitizen-information-brochure-ncib-english-chinese-hatian-creole-khmer-russian-portuguese

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