FAQ: Cash and Food Assistance Benefits for Low-Income Haitians (English and Haitian Creole)


Many low-income nationals of Haiti and Cuba qualify for cash and food assistance and health care coverage. These FAQS in English and Haitian Creole briefly describe the food and cash assistance benefits available for Haitians. This includes new arrivals granted humanitarian parole (of any duration), who have pending asylum and other qualifying statuses. 

The core benefits include:

  • SNAP (food assistance) for families and individuals
  • TAFDC cash assistance for families with dependent children
  • RCA refugee cash assistance for childless adults (up to 12 months from entry)
  • EAEDC state funded cash assistance for individuals age 65 or disabled, no time limit

Other federal and state benefits may also be available including WIC, LiHEAP/Fuel Assistance, free school meals and more.