Exciting News: National Health Care Reform Signed into Law

Vicky Pulos & Neil Cronin
Wow!  Is it really only two months since the Massachusetts Special Election that seemed to crush all hopes of significant national health reform? Yesterday, the President signed into law the Affordable Care Act of 2010. At last we have a final (or almost final) health reform law addressing some (if not all) of the injustices in the current health care system.
We will be spending a long time figuring out just what is in the new law & what it means for our clients. But for starters, this is a link to an article describing some of the changes scheduled to take effect in 2010.  https://khn.org/news/immediate-effects-health-reform/
Finally, attached is more Massachusetts-specific information from EOHHS.
The actual text of the bill is available on thomas.gov --the Affordable Care Act is HR 3590 and the pending Reconciliation bill is HR 4872
Stay tuned for much more
Vicky & Neil
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