Elder Benefits Programs -- BBT Training


Materials from the May 2, 2023 Elder Benefits training, presented as part of the MLRI/MCLE Basic Benefits Training Series:


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SSI/ SSDI/ Retirement



●      Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

●      MassHealth Medicare Savings Program Application

●      Health Connector's ConnectorCare overview  (and Spanish version)

●      ConnectorCare FAQs

●      Expanded help paying for health coverage through Health Connector

●      Minimum Income Rule for ConnectorCare

●      HCBS - Increases in Income under PETI rule

●      Memo on the Pickle Amendment - for Deemed SSI Recipients

●      Material for Immigrants and Public Benefits BBT (2023)

●      MassHealth website for Member Forms

●      MassHealth Contact Information

●      MassHealth List of SCO Plans

●      Find an Enrollment Assister (CACs and Navigators) 

●      The SHINE Program 

●      MassHealth Income Standards and FPL Guidelines 2023

●      MassHealth Application- SACA-2 (Paper Application)

●      MassHealth Application- SACA-2 (Online Application)

●      Shortened SACA-2 renewal available to certain members 

●      MassHealth Senior Guide for Healthcare Coverage

●      MassHealth PACE Service Areas

●      Chart of MassHealth Benefits by Coverage Type

●      Understanding Immigrants' Eligibility for MassHealth and Other Subsidized Coverage

●      Mass Home Care Eligibility Guidelines

●      Eligibility Figures for Residents of Long Term Care Facility

Resources about the end of MassHealth’s Continuous Coverage and April 1, 2023- March 31, 2024 redetermination campaign:

●      COVID 19 Related Changes Affecting MassHealth, Health Connector & Health Safety Net

●      MassHealth’s Redeterminations Communications Toolkit

●      MassHealth’s slideshow presentations on the redetermination process

●      MassHealth Renewal Help Guide

●      Redetermination Flyer for members 65 and over

●      Redetermination Flyer for members in long term care facilities

●      MassHealthRenew.org - how to update your address and renew you coverage

●      Health Connector, Open Enrollment and End of MassHealth Protections Update, Feb 23, 2022



●      National Council on Aging, Medicare Part D Special Enrollment Periods

●      Social Security Administration: Application for Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs

●      Social Security Administration: General Instructions for Completing the Application for Extra Help with Medicare  Prescription Drug Plan Costs

●      Social Security Administration: Who to Contact: Social Security or Medicare?

●      Original Medicare Costs

●      Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Part D Coverage Determination/Appeals Process

●      Medicare Part D Cost Sharing

●      Medicare Savings (Buy-In) Programs

●      Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medigap in Massachusetts

●      Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare and You (2023)

●      My Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Isn’t Covering My Medications! What Can I Do?

●      Social Security Administration, Appointment of Representative

●      Medicare Appointment of Representative

●      Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Medicare Advantage Organization Determination/Appeals Process

●      Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Original Medicare Initial Determination/Appeals Process

Prescription Advantage:

●      Prescription Advantage Printable Application

●      Prescription Advantage Online Application

●      Prescription Advantage Rate Schedule for Members Eligible for Medicare

●      Prescription Advantage Rate Schedule for Members Not Eligible for Medicare

●      How Prescription Advantage works for Medicare members

●      How Prescription Advantage works for members not on Medicare

Other Benefits:

●      EAEDC How to Apply

●      Food Stamps/SNAP 101: Basic Benefits Training (BBT) Materials

●      SNAP Advocacy Guide

●      SNAP and the Medical Expense Deduction

●      SNAP and Medical Expenses Benefits Chart

●      Older Adults and Disabled Households SNAP At-A-Glance Chart

●      DTA Information on End of Extra SNAP Payments

●      Cold Relief: Department of Housing and Community Development, 2023

●      State and Federal Veterans Basic Benefits Training (BBT) Materials 2022

●      Affordable Connectivity Program

●      Chapter 115 Benefits from the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services: A Self-Help Guide for Veterans and their Dependents (Written by the Veterans Legal Clinic, Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School, Autumn 2021)

●      Massachusetts Department of Revenue Senior Circuit Breaker Tax Credit Information page

●      Findyourfunds.org: information about COVID-related stimulus payments and tax credits