Educational Income and Expense Form EDUC-1


DTA typically sends college students a special form, called the Educational Income and Expense Form (EDUC-1) to get information from the Financial Aid office about the student financial aid awards. Non-federal financial aid may affect SNAP or cash assistance. Here's the EDUC-1 in English.  Click the "Go to Website" link below for other DTA forms included in DTA's Online Guide.

If the college financial aid office will NOT fill out the DTA EDUC-1 form, students have the right to give DTA a self-declaration with the information requested on the form, along with a copy of the student's financial aid award letter.  See DTA Operations Memo 2018-2 (3/27/18). If students seek to qualify for SNAP based on receipt of Work Study, the student will need to provide work study wage stups or a statement from the on-campus employer that states when the work study job will start.  

Note, federal financial aid does not count in determing the amount of a student's SNAP benefits. Only state and private financial aid that is earmarked or available for  basic living expenses is countable. If no state or private financial aid is earmarked or used for living expenses (room and board), none of it will count.