EA Non-compliance Protocol


The current protocol for processing Emergency Assistance non-compliances/terminations is for the provider (shelter or housing search) to send a request (NDR-1) to DHCD - DHS Central. Central reviews and sends out the sanction if deemed justified; the field office is not involved at all in this process any more. NDR-1 (request for non-compliance) and USR-1 Form (Notice of Infraction of Shelter Rules) have now been amended to enable the family to have some input into whether the non-compliance coordinator should issue a sanction. (ie before the need for a fair hearing) 

  1. It now gives the family an opportunity, albeit with a quick turnaround, to respond to allegations; and
  2. and a section explaining ADA/reasonable accommodation rights has been added.

The new forms are attached. Also attached is a copy of the e-mail describing the new forms that was sent to the field and providers.