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From the DTA Mailbox 3/15, 4/15: SNAP recert interviews, residency, and using SNAP out of state


From the DTA Mailbox
Welcome to the new “From the DTA Mailbox” column. This column replaces “From the Hotline.” If you have any questions on this column or other policy and procedural  material, please have your Hotline manager or supervisor contact the DTA Mailbox.

Q. 1. Can certain SNAP clients have their recertification interviews waived?
A. 1. Yes. Clients receiving Bay State CAP, certain interim reporters and certain elderly/disabled households may have their interviews waived.

Q. 2. Under what conditions must the elderly/disabled household have a recertification interview?
A. 2. Most elderly/disabled households must not be required to have a recertification interview. However, an interview must be conducted if any of the situations below arise: information supplied on the elderly/disabled recertification form is questionable or contradictory; the client reports that a member of the household is now employed. (In this situation, the household must be placed on Annual Reporting (AR) and must be interviewed.); the client reports that a household member is now self-employed. (The  household must be given a 12-month certification as a change reporting household and must be interviewed.); or the client requests an interview, in which case, the case manager must arrange an interview.
For more information on interview waivers for elderly/disabled households, see Operations Memo 2011-29, Operations Memo 2012-55 and the Job Aid entitled “SNAP Interview Waived Checklist” under Job Aides/Desk Guides on the training link of DTA Online.

Q. 3. Can a SNAP client who is approved for benefits in Massachusetts use his SNAP benefits outside of Massachusetts?
A. 3. Yes. Per Operations Memo 2013-34, as long as Massachusetts residency is verified, case managers must not close a case due to out-of-state EBT usage. The Fraud Investigation and Data Match Unit continues to monitor and follow up on any continuous out-of-state EBT usage.

Q. 4. Is Massachusetts residency a verification requirement for SNAP clients?
A. 4. Yes. According to 106 CMR 362.100, there is a Massachusetts residency requirement that must be verified. When available, the same documents used to verify rent, mortgage payments, utilities or identity must also be used to verify Massachusetts residency. If any of these documents do not verify residency, or there is discrepant information, other documents or collateral contacts that reasonably establish the applicant’s residency may be used. No requirement for a specific type of verification can be imposed. See 106 CMR 362.120 for more details.

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