DTA Guidelines for Repayment Amounts for Overpayments


Attached are DTA’s guidelines (they call it a matrix) for lowering monthly repayment amounts.  This is for people who are not currently receiving benefits and have an overpayment, and who want to lower the monthly repayment amount from the default amount that DTA bills them.  (The defaults are $50 for Agency Errors and UPVs and $100 for IPVs.) 

The attached guideline determines the repayment amount based on a sliding scale that considers gross income (as a percentage of the federal poverty level) and household size.  Note that clients will have to affirmatively contact DTA’s recoveries unit to request a lower repayment amount.  After they provide income and household size information, DTA will determine which repayment amount applies and if applicable, will adjust the monthly repayment amount.

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FY 18 New Reduced Repayment Amount Matrix (300%) - final.pdf (134.09 KB) 134.09 KB