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DTA Connect: improved DTA Online Application & client portal, Added Benefits of SNAP Benefits flier

DTA Connect: DTA's NEW online SNAP application and online case information portal

DTA has a new online SNAP application and some new ways for clients and advocates to learn information about a DTA benefits case. includes:
  • a new and improved online SNAP application! In addition to using the online application on a desktop computer, the application can also be completed via a smart phone or tablet. No account needed to do an application! 
  • a client portal to access case information: This portal includes case information going back further than the 3 months shown in the DTA Connect mobile app
  • a provider portal for SNAP outreach providers 
A couple issues to note:
  • There have been some glitches viewing notices and other case information in the DTA Connect online portal. Please continue flagging this for DTA. 
  • The online application currently does not tell people about their right not to include a Social Security Number or non-citizen information. Federal rules are clear that applicants do not need to give DTA the Social Security Number or status information for non-citizens who are not applying for SNAP, even if they live together. Income of the person opting out will still be counted, but their SSN or non-citizen information does not have to be included. Let MLRI know if this is an issue or concern for your client.  See Question 54 of the Advocacy Guide for more information on what it means if a non citizen opts out of the SNAP application.   
As always, clients have a right to apply online, in person, or by faxing or mailing in a paper application.  
For more information: MLRI has updated to include more information about the application and client portal, along with DTA Connect fliers from DTA. Also attached is a chart explaining the differences between the DTA Connect mobile app and the DTA Connect online portal. Let us know if you have issues or questions. 
Added Benefits of SNAP Benefits flier
Attached are MLRI fliers in English and Spanish explaining additional benefits for SNAP recipients in Massachusetts--including free school meals, utility discounts, MBTA Youth Pass, and more! These resources are also posted on here. Once we have additional translations they will be posted at that web page as well.  
Many thanks to MLRI's AmeriCorps member, Wesley, for his work creating this resource!