Diversity Data Kids

Institute for Child, Youth and Family Policy

A new toolkit for child advocates, researchers, and policymakers 
From the press release:

"diversitydatakids.org is the first comprehensive, equity-focused website designed to monitor progress towards improved wellbeing for children of all racial/ethnic groups through the creation and dissemination of unique indicators and analysis of:

  • The state of wellbeing, diversity, opportunity, and equity of children in the U.S., and
  • The availability, capacity and effectiveness of public policies and programs to equitably serve children of all racial and ethnic groups and reduce disparities among them.

Users can explore:

  • Profiles for a select location, ranging from the county to the national level
  • Rankings to sort and compare data by race and ethnicity across geographic locations
  • Maps to visualize patterns of data by geography
  • Child Opportunity Index Maps to view the distribution of neighborhood opportunity for children in the 100 largest metropolitan areas
  • Policy Equity Assessments of the effectiveness of programs and policies serving children and families

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