DI 57601 Basic, Special Hearing Procedures and Evidence Rules in Region I


Regulatory changes effective June 13, 2011, eliminate the Decision Review Board (DRB) under 20 CFR part 405. Region I will use most of the same rules and procedures followed by the rest of the country at the Appeals Council (AC) level under 20 CFR part 404 and part 416.

Region I will continue to use the rules for hearings before an administrative law judge (ALJ) under Part 405, including the rules that provide 75-day notice of a hearing and require a claimant to submit all evidence 5 days prior to his or her hearing unless he or she shows good cause.

The purpose of this transmittal is to move the hearing procedures and evidence rules that are still in effect in Region I from POMS chapter DI 575 (Disability Service Improvement) to this new chapter DI 576. We are archiving POMS chapter DI 575.

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