DHCD phone numbers for EA program


Attached is the list of phone numbers for staff transferring from DTA to DHCD. Note that the actual toll-free number for DHCD is 877-418-3308.

Also attached is a letter that was sent to Legislators yesterday along with a list of local office staff numbers that was sent to them. You may find these numbers helpful.

The phone and fax numbers for Hearings Division at DHCD are:

  • (ph) 617-573-1528
  • (fax) 617-573-1515

You can use these numbers to discuss reschedulings and fax in appeals.

Chris McClave is serving as Acting Manager of the Hearings Division.  The hearing officers are Richard (Rick) Warner and Carrine Michel (former DTA paralegal). 

Attorney in the legal dept. responsible for EA: Michael Malumet, 617-573-1529 .

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