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DCF Annual Report on Foster Care Review

Department of Children and Families

These reports are required by G.L. c. 18B, Section 6A (see 

The following information is to be reported annually by the director of the foster care review unit to i) the governor ii) the child advocate and iii) the joint committee on children, families, and persons with disabilities regarding the performance of the unit:

  • an analysis and evaluation of the foster care review system and recommendations, if any, for its improvement;
  • the total number of children in the care of the department or its agents during the previous fiscal year; the number of children who were in its care for more than 6 months;
  • the number of reviews conducted;
  • the number of children returned to their parents or guardian;
  • the number of children for whom guardians, other than the department or its agent, were appointed;
  • the number of children released for adoption;
  • and the number of children adopted.

DCF has published two published reports.