DCF Annual Progress and Services Report (APSR)

Department of Children and Families

The Annual Progress and Services Reports are required by federal law to be filed annually with the Federal Administration for Children and Families.  They contain the following information:

  • Updates on DCF's performance of its responsibilities under:
    •  * Title IV-B, Part 1:  Stephanie Tubbs Jones Child Welfare Services Programs
    •  * Title IV-B, Part 2: Promoting Safe and Stable Families
    •  * Chafee Foster Care Independence Program/ETC Program
  • DCF's CFSR (Child & Family Services Review) Statewide Assessment (written by DCF)
  • Update to DCF's PIP (Plan for Improvement in response to CFSR) and Progress Made to Improve Outcomes (written by DCF)
  • Population at Greatest Risk of Maltreatment
  • Services for Children Under the Age of 5
  • Program Support
  • Consultation and Coordination Between States and Tribes
  • Monthly Caseworker Visit Formula Grants
  • Adoption and Legal Guardianship Incentive Payments
  • Child Welfare Demonstration Activities
  • Quality Assurance System
  • CAPTA State Plan Update
  • Statistical and Supporting Information
    • CAPTA Annual State Data Report Items
    • Juvenile Justice Transfers
    • Sources of Data on Child Maltreatment
    • Education and Training Vouchers
    • Inter-Country Adoptions
    • Monthly Caseworker Visit Data 
  • Targeted Plans with the CFSP-updates
    • Foster & Adoptive Parent Diligent Recruitment Plan
    • Health Care Oversight and Coordination Plan
    • DCF Disaster Plan
    • Child Welfare Institute Training Plan
  • Financial Information 

DCF has made two of these reports available, one dated June 2015 and one dated June 2016.