DCF and DHCD Administrative Plan - DCF Verification of Housing Unavailability


Administrative Plan between DHCD and DCF concerning DCF doing "health and safety assessments" related to applications for EA shelter. That Plan and the Assessment form DCF is supposed to use are attached. Please let MLRI know if you see families who are deterred from seeking shelter, delayed in gettting shelter or denied shelter because DHCD says DCF must do an assessment. Two versions of the Plan are attached. An original version from September 2009 and a November 2009 one that reflects some changes made in response to MLRI/legal services comments.  

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DCF DHCD HS Admin Plan, Working Draft _11-2-09-3_.pdf (28.24 KB) 28.24 KB
DHCDDCFAdminPlan_0.pdf (351.61 KB) 351.61 KB
DCFHealthSafetyAssessmentform_0.pdf (149.21 KB) 149.21 KB