Court Forms Online - online interview to generate 209A forms in Massachusetts

Court Forms Online - Mass Access

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a collection of volunteers spanning five continents came together to produce free mobile-friendly online court forms for use in Massachusetts.   The project operates out of Suffolk Law's Legal Innovation and Technology Lab in cooperation with the Massachusetts Access to Justice Commission's COVID-19 task force -- and many legal services staff have been deeply involved in the process.

The Application for a 209A Restraining Order automated form packet is now live, and available for use by survivors, attorneys and advocates.  These guided interviews can generate all 8 forms that might make up an application for a restraining order.

Access the interview from the Court Forms Online site, domestic violence section:

There is also a link to the interview on Mass Legal Help:

Watch a February 1, 2021 video presentation about how to use the interview to geneate the forms: